For general warranty information on our products read the information below

Return Policy and Warranty

  • All exchanges, damaged returns and warranties will be reimbursed in the form of store credit or replacement only.

  • Additional information may be requested before a return claim is processed.

  • will not refund or replace products damaged through abuse of the products. Example, Dropping, scratching, opening up and adjusting any mechanisms.

  • Manufacturer defect warranties will apply for 30 days after purchase.

Return Shipping Cost

Return shipping cost will be paid by  only for returns that are due to shipping damage, warranty or other problems determined by  will not pay shipping on exchanges. returns claim
Your order Number
Date you received your order
Time you received your order  
Additional information about claim
Reason for Claim  Problem with your order
Order Damaged on arrival 

Warranty 30 days
Explain problem or  other reasons for claim
Was your packages damaged on arrival.  no     yes
Please submit your information. You will receive an e-mail with return shipping instructions within 24 to 48 hours

If you are returning a shipment click on print form after submitting this form. A shipping claim form will appear for you to print. Place a copy in your return shipping package. 

Warning: Do not return your shipment until you have received your shipping instruction by e-mail or phone. If you ship your return order before you receive your return shipping instruction your claim may not be honored.